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2015 Eight Stack Fuel Injection | 500 Borla Drive Johnson City, TN 37604 | MADE IN THE USA

Eight Stack 351 Heading


Eight Stack 351 Based Systems



Eight Stack 351 System polished

Eight Stack polished 351
eight stack finishesMade in the USA

Eight Stack 351 Platforms

Eight Stack injection has one of the highest flowing 351 systems available on the market today! Using modern technology and digital modeling we've created a retro looking intake to support our system that has outstanding flow capabilities.

Don't believe us? Check out these dyno results!


Engine- Small block Ford 351W/ 408 Stroker

Eight Stack Adds 31 horsepower and 36 lbs. ft. of torque

This test involved a comparison between the Eight Stack injection and a (ported) single plane Edelbrock Victor Jr. Intake and Holley 750 HP carburetor. The 408 Stroker test motor featured a set of CNC ported ARF 185 heads, a healthy hydraulic roller cam and MSD distributor. Both the carbureted and injected combination were run at the same air/water and oil temperatures and tuned to maximize performance. Run with the single plane intake carburetor, the motor produced 528 horsepower and 523 lb. ft. of torque. Run with the Eight Stack system, the motor produced 541 horsepower and 545 lb. ft. of torque. A review of the horsepower and torque curves depicted on the dyno graph illustrate that the Eight Stack injection produced more power and torque than the carburetor from 3000rpm to 6300 rpm. Compared to the carburetor, the Eight Stack system improved the power output of the 408 Stroker throughout the rev range and offered gains of 30 horsepower and 35 lbs. ft. of torque.




Eight Stack 408 dyno chart


Engine- Small Block Ford 351 Windsor

Eight Stack Adds 41 horsepower and 49 lbs. ft. of torque (at the wheels)

This test involved a comparison between the Eight Stack and an Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake/Barry Grant 750 Might Demon carb. The mild 351 Windsor was equipped with AFR 185 Heads, a hydraulic roller cam that offered .567/.586 lift, 242/248 duration and a 113 lobe separation angle. All testing was run on the Dynojet chassis dyno through the traditional (Superformance) side pipe exhaust. Both the carbureted and injected combinations were optimized for air/fuel (13.0:1) and timing 34 degrees total. All temperatures (air, oil, water) were kept constant for all testing. Equipped with the carburetor and a single plane Victor Jr. intake, the 351 produced 358 hp. After swapping on the Eight Stack system, the peak output jumped to 411 hp. Had we run the carbureted combination higher in the rev range, the peak power number would certainly have been greater (as illustrated by the power curve), but the Eight Stack system improved the power output throughout the rpm range by as much as 41 horsepower and 49 lbs. ft. of torque. The torque values are not shown due to a problem with the inductive pick up on the dyno.




Eight Stack 351 dyno