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2015 Eight Stack Fuel Injection | 500 Borla Drive Johnson City, TN 37604 | MADE IN THE USA



Cobra Installations



2005 Factory Five Racing Mk.2 Roadster
Owned by: Phil and Pat Sprague- North Ridgeville, Ohio


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Assembly of my Factory Five Roadster (427 Cobra replica) started in early 2003 and was completed in May of 2005. The Factory Five Roadster is based on using a Ford Mustang for parts. My donor car was a 1988 Mustang GT that was purchased for about $2500. I partially rebuilt the 302 c.i.d. engine but retained the stock fuel injection system. The car had good performance but I wanted to have a more "period correct" look to the engine and in 2010 I was thinking of replacing the stock EFI with a carburetor. I had my car on display at the Cleveland Auto Show (Ohio Cobra Club Cystic Fibrosis Charity booth) in early 2011 and learned about the Eight Stack Injection product.

I was excited about the design of this system since the fuel injectors are contained inside the throttle bodies, unlike other similar products. The fuel line arrangement also closely that used on the original Weber carburetors. You get the looks and also the performance of modern electronic fuel injection. After deciding to proceed with the conversion, I visited Accuform Manufacturing in Youngstown Ohio and was very impressed with their manufacturing capability and the dealer network they were setting up for their product. Installation of the Eight Stack Injection system was not difficult if you have any experience at all working with engines.

After installation was complete, a visit was made to my home in North Ridgeville Ohio to do the tuning of the electronic control module (ECM). This was done using their software and a lap top computer. Final tuning was done while I took the car for a test drive. Although no modifications were done on the heads or cam, the engine seems to have more torque and power under hard acceleration. I no longer need to keep the hood closed at car shows and other car events. I drive the car about 2500 miles per year, mostly short drives with my wife Pat and also to our Lake Snakes Cobra Club monthly events


1965 Shelby CSX Cobra
President and Owner of Eight Stack: Bob Hockenberry

Owner of this stunning 1965 Shelby CSX chassis equipped with our own Eight Stack Fuel Injection!

Eight Stack Bob01png

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Bob's cobra features a 427 FE based 482 ci Stroker by Robert Pond Motorsports. Featuring 630 horsepower at the flywheel, Bob's Cobra packs some very deadly venom. Topped with the Eight Stack fuel injection system; the Cobra not only draws a crowd from the outside, but commands a strong presence with the hood up as well. Backing up the big FE mill is a 5 speed Tremec transmission allowing this Cobra to take to the highway with ease. The system is run off of a Precision Electronics Stage 3 ECU which handles the precise fuel delivery and timing. The car was wired and tuned by Tom Habryzk of Advanced Product Engineering in Camarillo, California and Robert Pond from Riverside, California. Fuel system was modified and the car was given the final touches by Tom Barnard of Speedway Classic Cars in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Eight Stack Bob03png

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Bob is a vehicle enthusiast and holds a strong passion for all things automotive. He holds a unique collection of toys and has a certain affinity for speed. How much does Bob enjoy his Eight Stack Cobra? He can tell you with a grin as he explains how the car is faster than his 12 cylinder Ferrari. The car has the entire retro look with all the modern advances. A true testament to what Eight Stack fuel injection is really about.