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2012 Eight Stack Fuel Injection | 2750 Intertech Drive Youngstown, OH 44509 | MADE IN THE USA



GT40 Installations


1965 SPF GT40 MKI Extra Wide
Owned by Robert Sackett – Yorba Linda, CA

SackettGT401 Eight Stack

Robert's GT40 features a 351 Windsor based 427 ci engine topped with Eight Stack fuel injection. The engine consists of a World Products Man-o-War billet cap block. The 10.5:1 street friendly combination features a Callies 4340 Magnum XL crank, Oliver billet rods, with Racetec forged pistons. Port and polished Brodix 225cc heads top the mill with a custom Competition solid roller cam to keep it screaming. The Eight Stack fuel injection allows the engine to maximize the heads flowing 334cfm @ .700" of lift. A FAST XFI 2.0 engine management system keeps the Gulf inspired GT40 running smooth and strong. This potent combination allows Robert's GT40 to achieve 690HP @ 6,200 RPM and 647 lbft of torque @ 5,100 RPM on its way to its 8,000 RPM redline.  All of this is done on 91 octane pump gas; perfectly showcasing the capabilities of the Eight Stack system.

SackettGT402 Eight Stack

Used with written permission


Southern GT GT40
Owned by: Mick Sollis





Mick is the owner of this stunning GT40 replica produced by Southern GT. Southern GT is a UK based manufacture that takes the classic GT40 platform to new levels of performance with additions such as; modified suspension mounts, lowered engine/center of gravity, a wider cockpit for the driver and passenger, and a built in rear cage. Horsepower is provided via Huddart Engines, also in the UK.  Huddart provides custom built engines for our overseas customers along with providing the Eight Stack fuel injection system that made Mick’s build possible. We wish him the best with his beautiful machine! Check out more of Southern GT’s cars below:




Huddart Engines


Superformance GT40 MK1
Owned by Dave Hood – Fort Mill, SC

Eight Stack Hood01

Eight Stack Hood02

Eight Stack Hood03

The Superformance GT40 is a continuation production vehicle manufactured by Hi Tech Automotive in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This car was manufactured in 2005, and is based on the MK1 version originally developed in the mid-1960’s  in the UK. The GT40 was originally developed to race at LeMans, where it finished first four years in a row between 1966 and 1969. The GT40 is built under license from Safir Spares LLC, the holders of the GT40 trademark.

Eight Stack Hood04

Eight Stack Hood05

The engine for this car is a Ford 347 Stroker. The engine was built by Vaseleniuck Engine Development in Denver, North Carolina.  Major maintenance is performed by Olthoff Racing and Holman Moody, both GT40 experts based in the Charlotte area. The Eight Stack EFI system performs very well, and eliminates the need to continually tune and maintain the original Weber IDA carbs. The team at Eight Stack have been wonderful to work with, and their system is the ultimate solution for any GT40 owner!

Holman Moody

Dennis Olthoff